Jacinto City Elementary's Parent Teacher Association


    Jacinto City Elementary is a very special place to grow socially, educationally, physically and mentally. We enjoy recognizing our students. We honor students for perfect attendance, good grades, good behavior, individual goals and creativity attained.  Each student and faculty member receives special incentives throughout the year for different things they do.  Students are honored every nine weeks and faculty members are recognized.  Jacinto City Elementary is a great place to be.  Come by and observe all the great things our students and faculty members are accomplishing.  We are something to roar about!

    Meetings: For information contact the school office at 832-386-4600 or our President at: sreyna@galenaparkisd.com
    PTA Membership Fee $5.00
    PTA Officers

    Sandra Reyna

    Sandra Reyna, President

    Claudia Treviño
    Claudia Treviño, Vice President

    Marla Taylor, Secretary

    Monica Niera, Treasure

    Sharon Dixon, Parliamentarian

    Linda Rivera, Historian

    Juanita Davidson, Programs Chair

    Cecilia Meza, Membership Chairperson

    Leticia Moreno, Legislative Chairperson

    Maricela Gonzalez, Arts in Education Chairperson

    Ileana Falero, Environmental Chairperson