GPISD CTE ECHS Student Council

  • Sponsor: Ms. Jackson

    President - J. Jackson

    Vice President - L. Davis

    Secretary - D. Pena

    Treasurer - M. Garza

    Historian - M. Gonzales


    I. President
    A. Represent the student body at school district and civic events and other meetings.
    B. Be responsible for coordinating the interviewing, selection and functioning of committee chairpersons and task forces.
    C. Supervise the functioning of the elected student body officers.
    D. Develop the agenda for and preside over the meetings of Student Council.
    II. Vice-President
    A. Represent the student body at school district, civic events, and other meetings as requested by the president.
    B. Coordinate the work of committees.
    C. Preside over Student Council meetings in the absence of the president.
    III. Secretary
    A. Maintain files.
    B. Prepare agendas for meetings.
    C. Take and distribute minutes of meetings.
    D. Represent the student body at school district, civic functions, and other meetings as requested by the president.
    E. Type material for officers and committee chairpersons as needed.
    IV. Treasurer
    A. Coordinate the preparation of the annual budget.
    B. Present the proposed budget to Student Council for adoption.
    C. Maintain financial records of the student body.
    D. Prepare financial reports for meetings of Student Council.
    E. Assist the bookkeeper with sales as necessary.
    F. Coordinate fund raising projects.
    G. Sign all purchase orders.
    V. Historian
    A. Gather materials in preparation for the Student Council Scrapbook.
    B. Be responsible for the completion of the scrapbook.
    C. Maintain a file of materials about activities of the school.
    D. Make sure pictures are taken of all activities.
    E. Coordinate work on other historical presentations (i.e., slide shows, video).
    VI. Parliamentarian
    A. Provide advice on questions of parliamentary procedure.
    B. Make the Council members aware of good parliamentary practices.
    VII. Reporter
    A. Write, edit, and submit stories about the Council to the school paper and local media.
    B. Organize publicity for Student Council meetings and events.