• GPISD Student Handbook and Code of Conduct



    High School Dress Code

    For Girls

    Neat, clean, well-fitting clothing:

    Dresses/skirts (mid-thigh or longer), mid-thigh shorts, or pants with tops and shoes

    For Boys

    Neat, clean, well-fitting clothing:

    Pants or mid-thigh shorts with tops and shoes

    Hair out of eyes

    Unacceptable Attire:

    Tank tops

    Tight fitted clothing


    Midriff tops

    Athletic jerseys


    saggy, or oversized clothing

    Shirts with gang symbols, slogans, or colors

    Rules for High School

    Slacks/pants/skirts worn below the waist

    Blankets Duster coats/Trench coats



    House shoes/slippers Shoes with wheels

    Gauges in ears

    • Students must wear their Student ID Badge visible around their neck at all times 

    Shirts must not be oversized and must be tucked in

    • Shirts must not be low cut or tight

    • Pants must fit at the waist or a student must wear a belt.

    There will be no sagging. Students whose pants are sagging will have their pants cinched with a zip tie.

    • Pants may not have any holes exposing skin above the    knee

    • No leather or pleather pants, skirts, dresses, or shorts

    • No clothes with reference to alcohol, sex, vulgar language, gang symbols, or shapes

    • No visible tattoos with reference to alcohol, sex, vulgar language, or gang symbols, affiliations or shapes

    • All tattoos on the neck or face must be covered at all times

    • Yoga/spandex pants allowed only with a long shirt that comes below the buttocks

    •  Hair must be clean and out of the face

    • No symbols or shapes may be cut into the hair

    • A student’s attire cannot cause a distraction • All backpacks or over-sized bags/purses must be see-through (clear or mesh).

    • No backless shoes. Students should be cautious when selecting shoes for school.

    High heels can become uncomfortable after an entire day of school.

    Galena Park ISD is not responsible for injuries due to shoe choice. The principal of the school shall have the discretion to determine if a student’s tattoos or body piercings are a distraction.