MacArthur Elementary's History

  • School History: Douglas MacArthur Elementary School was built in 1951. It was named for the distinguished 5-Star General Douglas MacArthur after his visit to the community of Galena Park . It served approximately 400 students grades 1st-6th with each grade level having two classes. Currently, MacArthur has 80 faculty members and an enrollment of approximately 750 students.

    Previous Principals:
    Mr. Frank Harrowing served as the first principal (1951-1952). Since that time, MacArthur Elementary has had seven principals: Mr. Gene Haley (1952-1960), Mr. Earl Cobb (1960-1979), Dr. Shirley Neeley (1979-1985), Mr. Ken Bush (1985-1986), Mrs. Fran Keal (1986-2006), Mrs. Lina Esquivel (2006-2011), Mrs. Lecia Eubanks (2011-2016) and Ms. Maria B. Muñoz (2016-present).

    Colors: Blue & Yellow

    Mascot: Generals