• Important Accountability Update:
    2023 Accountability is expected in late October, early November 2023.

    State Accountability Ratings
    State accountability ratings are based on a framework of three domains that are used to evaluate the performance of each public campus and district in the state. The framework includes a range of indicators to calculate a score for each domain and enables a thorough assessment of campus and district effectiveness.

    Accountability ratings are based on achieving a target established for each performance domain.

    Domain 1: Student Achievement: provides a snapshot of performance across subjects.
    Domain 2: School Progress: measures year-to-year student progress by subject and student group.
    Domain 3: Closing Performance Gaps: tracks advanced academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students and the lowest performing racial/ethnic student groups.

    A-F letter grades are used to rate the overall performance of districts and campuses.

    Distinction Designations
    Distinction designations are awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement in specific areas. Campus distinctions are based on indicators of student performance in comparison to forty similar campuses. 

    Distinction designations are awarded in the following areas: 

    • Academic Achievement in Reading/English Language Arts (campus only)
    • Academic Achievement in Mathematics (campus only) Academic Achievement in Science (campus only) 
    • Academic Achievement in Social Studies (campus only)
    • Top 25 Percent: Student Progress (campus only)
    • Top 25 Percent: Closing Performance Gaps (campus only) Postsecondary Readiness (campus and district)