• New Arrival Center

    The NAC- New Arrival Center is designed to meet the needs of those students that are entering U.S. schools for the first time.

    The students will be taught language in an interactive environment that scaffolds instruction appropriately for beginning English language learners students.

    New Arrival Center students will be taught language through content. This approach maximizes the comprehensible input a teacher can give to English language learners.

    • Guide students’ acculturation to the school system in the United States
    • Develop or strengthen students’ native language literacy skills
    • Helping students acquire beginning English skills
    • Provide some instruction in core content areas 

    If you have never attended school in the US and are in grades 6th thru 12th you may qualify for our New Arrival Center offered at both the middle school and high school levels.

NAC Students Transition Trip to GPHS