• Visitation Policy

     In order to protect the security of District students, staff, and the learning environment at schools, all visitors, including parents/guardians, shall conform to the following guidelines:

    1. All visitors shall report to the campus administrative office and provide a government-issued form of identification that includes the person’s photograph, name, and date of birth. This shall apply to parents, Board members, volunteers, social service workers, invited Parent Notification, Visitors, Parking Stickers speakers, maintenance and repair persons not employed by the District, vendors, representatives of the news media, former students, and any other visitors.

    2. Visitors shall wear in a prominent place the visitor badge provided by the office.

    3. Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time shall be permitted only with the principal’s and teacher’s prior approval.

    4. No visitor shall disseminate information to students and staff without prior approval from the Superintendent or designee as provided in GKDA (Local).

    5. No visitor may solicit, proselytize or recruit for fundraising activities, religious groups, youth groups, or political causes.

    6. Media representatives shall arrange visits to school campuses with the Assistant Superintendent of Communications.

    7. Visitors are expected to wear appropriate attire while visiting District schools. Such attire should generally conform to the dress code outlined in the Student Handbook.

    8. Any visitor who wishes to establish a regular presence in District schools and/or interact directly with students shall consent to a criminal background check.