• Expectations for Spectator Behavior

    Dear Galena Park ISD Parents and Students,

    As a part of a larger commitment to excellence and education, Galena Park ISD is committed to excellence in all of our athletic programs.  Participation in athletics encourages the development of positive character traits, which contributes to students’ personal growth and success in life.  These traits include the drive to take one’s talents to the highest level of performance, embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards, learning to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal and adherence to codes of fairness and respect.   

    We are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of student athletes and to the social development of the whole child.  We recognize that great demands are placed on students who participate in athletics.  However, Galena Park ISD athletes are expected to adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves, their school, and the community.   

    Galena Park ISD is a member in good standing with the University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.).  As such, there are rules and regulations to which our athletic programs are required to adhere.  These rules also include our spectators. 

    Athletics plays an important role in creating a sense of community.  However, there have been occasions where less than desirable situations have taken place, which did not reflect well on our fans or our district. There were incidents of negative/derogatory/threatening remarks made toward officials, coaches, students, players and opponents.  There were instances involving the use of profanity and vulgarity. 

    Please do not be the person in the stands that detracts from the teachings of fairness and respect for our athletes.  We expect to fill our stands only with fans that support our students and coaches and contribute to the positive environment they deserve.  Please be aware that anyone who violates the UIL sportsmanship regulations will be immediately removed from the event and may be banned from future attendance for up to one year.     

    We appreciate your support of our student athletes and coaching staff.  Please know it is up to each of us to model high expectations for our youth, especially as we prepare them to one day be the leaders of our community.  

    If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 832-386-4330.  Again, thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

    Vivian Dancy Director of Athletics