• Transcript Requests 

    The FERPA consent form MUST be completed so that we may process your request. If you are unsure if you have a form on file in the Registrar's office, please submit one with your request.

    FERPA Consent Form-English  FERPA - English

    FERPA Consent Form-Spanish FERPA Spanish

    Use the appropriate form above and attach it in your request below.

    A final transcript includes your graduation date and final rank.  Most colleges, even if you've already been accepted, require a final transcript to be sent after graduation.  GPHS class of 2022, you will use the Non-Enrolled GPHS Students Transcript Request.

    Currently Enrolled GPHS Students Transcript Request  (Click Here)

    Non-Enrolled GPHS Students Transcript Request (Click Here)

    Final Transcript Requests will not be processed until after June 8, 2023, when final grades are posted and final transcripts have been prepared.  If a final transcript is needed prior to this date, please complete your request in person in the Registrar's office during school hours. ONLY GPHS Class of 2023 students may use the following link:

    Class of 2023 FINAL Transcript Request (Click Here)

    Diploma Requests

    The Diploma Request form AND RevTrack Payment must be completed to obtain a copy of your diploma.

    Diploma Request  (Click Here)

    RevTrack Payment (Click Here)