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     The CATCH program is designed to teach students and teachers how to become smart, healthy eaters. We are doing lessons in the classroom, facts during the morning announcements, and various other activities to help teach our children a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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    Nurse: V. McDade


    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the North Shore Elementary Clinic page!

    My name is Vicki McDade and I am the campus nurse for North Shore Elementary. I have been at North Shore Elementary since 2007. I enjoy helping our students and their families at school. In the clinic, we provide a temporary care facility for children who become ill or injured at school.  While we will not call parents for every visit made to the clinic, there are times I will need to contact you.  In order for this to be possible, please keep your contact information up to date.  If your child has a medical problem or condition, please stop by or give me a call (832-386-4671) to make sure I am aware of it. Please review the following information as it could apply to your child.  We are excited to serve you and your families this year!

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