• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    I hope all is well with you and your families. My name is Dr. Christopher Eckford, and I am honored to serve as the Principal of North Shore Middle School for the current school year. It is truly a privilege to be a part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth.

    It is my pleasure to welcome our new 7th grade students and our returning 8th grade students to a great school year here at North Shore Middle School. We are excited to finally have our students back in our classrooms and hallways, filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our purpose to help every student feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our North Shore Middle School family. As we do every year, we’re going to challenge them to grow academically, and to be “champions” of their own preparation for High School. We have great teachers who spend countless hours planning to create thought provoking lessons and learning experiences that will engage our students to be critical thinkers. Here at North Shore Middle School, we’re going “Above the Line” in safety, teaching, and learning. 

    My goals this school year is to improve student performance on the state assessment (STAAR), create a safe learning environment for all stakeholders, and improve parental engagement. That being said, I want our parents to consider this an invitation to volunteer some time at North Shore Middle School throughout the school year. We need your help in our quest to go “Above the Line” in ALL WE do this school year. 

    In closing, as excited as I am to pin this letter, it is the face-to-face interactions that I value most. Please know that we have an open door policy here at North Shore Middle School, and we welcome every opportunity to meet and collaborate with you. As often as you can, I encourage you to check our school’s website for notices and updates.

    Going “Above the Line” in ALL WE do!


     Dr. Christopher Eckford  

    Dr. Christopher Eckford