• North Shore Middle School's L.O.T.C.

    • Purpose: To provide and teach students leadership that will create positive life experiences and outcomes.

      Objective: To develop student character through leadership that will provide students with the tools needed to succeed in their academic future.

      Goal: To improve family, community and school values, to improve student academic achievement, behavior and to decrease dropout rate.

      LOTC Activities:

      • Community Service
      • School Responsibility
      • Jr. Honor Society
      • Multicultural Fair
      • Football Games
      • Competition
      • Parades
      • P.T.A.
      • Fundraisers
      • Basketball Games

      Cadet Focus:

      • Discipline
      • Leadership
      • Teamwork
      • Respect

      Cadet Requirements:

      • All cadets will be required to wear the uniform once a week.
      • There is a requirement for the up-keep of the uniform.
      • All cadets will maitain a 75 percent average in all classes.
      • LOTC will use a merit system for all cadets.
      • There will be a battallion formation once a week.
      • Cadets will have mandatory practice three times a week.
      • Physical training is a part of LOTC (push-ups, sit-ups, running, exercising etc....)
      • Cadets may be dismissed from LOTC for disciplinary reasons.

      Dondi Humphrey
      SFC. U.S. Army 
      Military Instructor

  • LOTC Students