Leadership Officer Training Corps Program

  • LOTC


    North Shore Middle School Leadership Officer Training Corps program began in August of 2018. The program has grown tremendously over the last two years. The cadets have participated in numerous drill competitions, community service activities, and local school events. 

    The Leadership Officer Training Corps program prepares students for responsible leadership roles, while making them aware of their individual responsibilities, and privileges as an American Citizen. The program is a stimulus for promoting graduation from Middle School to High School and provides instructions and rewarding opportunities which will benefit the cadet, school, and local community.

    In LOTC, cadets learn to plan, organize, teamwork, leadership and discipline. These skills will make them successful in their academic, personal and professional lives. We encourage cadets to work hard as they “Enter to Learn and Leave to Lead!”

    Purpose:  To build character and develop young people as leaders and promote a sense of accountability and responsibility.

    Course Description: The LOTC program is a citizenship awareness, leadership development, and organizational management, "learning by doing", course of instruction. To accomplish this mission, the program includes courses such as citizenship, leadership, basic drills and numerous other courses designed to assist cadets to succeed in middle school and prepare for high school.

    Objective:  Develop Leadership and promote patriotism

    • Develop informed and responsible citizens with basic knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.
    • Strengthen character and integrity.
    • Develop self-discipline, responsibility, and a positive response to authority.
    • Encourage and assist young people to remain Drug Free.
    • Encourage and teach young people how education will support their future goals.
    • Learn the importance of diet and of physical fitness to maintain good health.
    • Develop basic skills necessary to work effectively as a team member.
    • Promote self-confidence and self-esteem.
    • Learn to think logically and to communicate effectively with emphasis on oral communication.

    Mission: To motivate young people to accept responsibility, be accountable and exemplify good citizenship.

    Mandatory: Be responsive to cadet leaders and cooperate with other cadets.

    Valerie Williams

    SSG, U.S. Army 
    Military Instructor