Campus Wellness Plan

  • North Shore Middle School
    Federal Public Law (PL 108.265 Section 204) states all school districts must develop a local wellness policy which involves students, parents, a representative from the School Food Authority, school board, school administrators, and the public. The Local Education Authority (LEA) will establish a plan for measuring implementation of local wellness policy.

    Mission Statement
    Galena Park I.S.D implements a comprehensive wellness plan that encourages healthy eating, along with physical activity to reduce childhood obesity while preparing students to become healthy productive citizens and lifelong learners. At the campus level, we will work hard to encourage a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical fitness, good eating habits, and a motivating self-image.

    Nutrition Education

    • Staff members will be involved in nutritional education
    • Fitness gram and CATCH programs to be used in Physical Education, Nutrition and Health.
    • Students will be encouraged to eat before or at school, have lunch, consume healthy snacks, participate in physical activity.

    Physical Education

    • Physical Activity will not be used as a punishment (e.g. running laps or pushups).
    • Physical education teachers and parents will be involved to monitor student wellness, and promote health awareness. 

    Health Education

    • Clinic Monthly Health Awareness Bulletin Board
    • Students will understand the importance of cleaning hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer
    • Informing students and staff on how to maintain a better quality of life.
    • Faculty/staff development training- Anaphylaxis, Food Allergies, First Aid.
    • PTA will incorporate ideas of healthy families into their agenda, to help with parent involvement and education on student nutrition and physical activity at home.

    Nutrition Standards

    • Our faculty will model healthy eating and appropriate lunch room conduct
    • The school will offer breakfast and lunch for students. Students and staff are highly encouraged to promote and participate in these programs. (Free breakfast and lunch for the yr of 2019-2020-See webpage for more details)
    • The staff will promote hand washing and encourage safe eating practices..
    • The school will provide nutritional information to parents that will encourage parents to provide safe and nutritious foods for their children.
    • Grab-n-go breakfast snack provided/encouraged in the morning for students who arrive past the breakfast serving time
    • Monthly lunch menus are provided to staff, also available for parents in the office/webpage
    • Afterschool programs will provide snacks 

    Other School Related Activities

    • Breast cancer awareness month Pink October
    • Relay for Life
    • Lunch with Grandparent’s Day
    • After School Tutorials
    • Gut Busters
    • Athletic Practice
    • Talent Shows
    • Drug Awareness
    • Bully Free Zone
    • Immunization clinics
    • Flu Shots for staff provided by Walgreens
    • CPR demonstration- Career Day
    • CPR Certification for staff
    • VSP Global program and Eye Care for Kids can allow low income families that qualify to receive vouchers for free exams/glasses
    • Red Ribbon Week