• Communities In Schools is proud to offer NSMS students a FREE academic after-school program. ACE is a TEA funded program targeting students in academics, behavior, and attendance.

    Program hours are from 3:56pm-7:00pm daily, Monday-Friday. Bus transportation may be available as needed. 

    If you are interested in enrolling your student, please reach out to the CIS-ACE Site Coordinator 

    Patricia Luckey - email Office Phone- (832) 386-2772

Communities In Schools

  • At Communities In Schools, we believe that every student and family deserves to have the resources and support needed to get through these difficult times and begin the healing process. #Togetherwecan #Allinforkids #Empowerment

    We specialize in providing free intervention services to all GPISD students and families including:

    ADVOCACY – Ensuring that students and families voices are HEARD, and that fair, equal, and appropriate assistance is received.

    INTERVENTION SUPPORT – Providing intervention for family support to help REBUILD after a crisis or trauma.

    TRAUMA INFORMED CARE – Ensuring the emotional HEALTH of our students and FAMILIES, through education, empowerment, support, and TRUST.

    SEL – Social, Emotional Learning support including establishing a trusting RELATIONSHIP, intentional

    RELEVANT activities and discussions, while creating a goal of lasting RESILIENCE.

    MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT – Professional SUPPORTIVE RESOURCES to those students, and families whose thoughts, feelings, moods, and ability to relate have been disrupted.


    Our Vision, Purpose, Passion = Student Success!  

Contact Information

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    School Main Phone:

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  • Communities In Schools (CIS):
    The prime objective of CIS is to encourage students to stay in school so they can become successful members of their community. Communities In Schools is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students through supportive guidance, health and human services, parental involvement, enrichment, and academics in a personal one-on-one relationship. CIS supports the students’ positive growth and achievement by addressing individual needs in a caring, personalized, holistic, and accountable manner.

    During the school year, your child will participate in enrichment and academic activities. CIS also provides supportive guidance that will allow the student to improve attendance, academic performance, and behavior.

    CIS Services at NSMS:
    • Daily Chat and Chew lunch groups 
    • Weekly Check and Connect behavior accountability 
    • CIS School Supply Closet
    • Backpack Buddy- Food Assistance
    • CIS Dress for Success Closet- School uniform items 
    • Vision, Housing, Health Referrals
    • One on One Supportive Guidance
    • Educational Enhancement 
    • Peer Mediation 
    • Enrichment and Academic Activities 
    • Recreational Activities

    All services are provided at NO COST to the students and their families who are enrolled in the CIS program. Feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions. For more information about the Communities In Schools program please check out our website: