Technology / Training Resources

  • Additional technology tools that you will find helpful in the classroom

    AwesomeTable - Use their templates to make "awesome tables" from your google sheets and embed them on your website.

    Canva - Design posters, flashcards, flyers, or letterheads by using the drag and drop features.

    ClassroomScreen - Perfect for teachers like me who use QR codes, timers, and signals for students. Teachers can choose a background and display multiple tools on one screen. - This site contains lots of helpful classroom tools for teachers.

    CommonLit - Free instructional materials and lessons for English language literacy.

    Edpuzzle - Make educational videos more interactive with edpuzzle.

    Gizmos - Interactive experiments for math and science.

    Google Earth - Travel the world on the google earth site.

    ​​NearPod - A great way to have students follow along with your presentation using their own device.

    Padlet - An excellent collaboration tool for brainstorming with colleagues or students.  You can also use it as a live question bank during lectures and I also use it for warm ups or as an exit ticket.

    QR Code Generator - Generate QR codes and have students scan them to give them quick access to links on their mobile phones.

    Seesaw - Create lessons on seesaw and have students use this tool as their digital portfolio 

    Storyjumper - Create and narrate your own storybook.

    Symbaloo - Create a homepage with your favorite websites and just click for access instead of typing the web address .

    Thinglink - Make your lessons interactive by adding links to videos & websites to any photo. - This site allows you to create interactive worksheets.

    ZipGrade - Use this mobile app to quickly scan student assessments.  You are allowed to scan 100 papers a month for free.

    FlipGrid - Use this as a formative assessment and have students post an answer to a question or let them state what they learned or found interesting about a certain topic that you taught them.

    Kahoot - Create games to check your students for understanding.

    Google Form Quizzes - Use google forms for surveys and even quizzes.  Google forms can also grade your assessments and post the results on a spreadsheet.

    GoFormative - Give the students a code to complete formative assessments through a classroom that you set up. 

    Poll Everywhere - Gather live data from students by using a code to have them text their answers to a specific question.  You can display their responses or hide them to use as a formative assessment tool.

    Quizlet Live - Have students collaborate and compete with other groups to practice vocabulary and concepts. 

    ​Quizizz - This is a great and fun way to have students review for unit exams.

    Skyward Quiz - Have students take a quiz on their own device and have skyward import it straight to your grade book.

    Socrative -  Create assessment questions or games and keeps track of student performance.

    Survey Monkey - Free unlimited online surveys.

    Powtoon - Create your own animated video.

    TEDEd - Educational site that allows you to create & share your lessons from YouTube.