Galena Park Middle School's Cheerleading

  • Mission:
    To increase, develop, and maintain a high moral character, scholarship, fellowship, and individual responsibility

    To promote school spirit and interest by supporting the school in athletic, civic and charitable events

    To coordinate activities with other groups

    To work and cooperate in group situations

    To create a feeling of pride in one’s school and personal achievements

    Member Qualifications:
    The cheerleader/mascot candidate must have:

    1. 75 overall average of 1st semester academic classes
    2. No lower than a 70 average in any class during the current semester.
    3. Be enrolled in Galena Park Middle School by the beginning of the spring semester.
    4. Have no more than 2 discipline referrals during the current school year.
    5. Be clear of any school fines (library fines, textbook fines, etc.)


    Sponsor:             Nya Caldwell