Campus Wellness Plan

  • Campus Wellness Plan


    W.C. Cunningham Middle School

    Federal Public Law (PL 108.265 Section 204) states that by the first day of the 2006 school year beginning after June 30, 2006 all school must develop a local wellness policy that involves parents, students, a representative from the School Food Authority, school board, school administrators and the public.  The Local Education Authority (LEA) will establish a plan for measuring implementation of the local wellness policy.

    Mission Statement:

    Galena Park I.S.D. shall   prepare, adopt, and implement a comprehensive plan to encourage healthy eating and physical activity. This environment will prepare students to become healthy, productive citizens and supporters of life long healthy habits.

    Nutrition Education

    • Teachers will be encouraged to integrate nutrition education across the curriculum.
    • Staff will encourage students to bring healthy snacks and to participate in physical activity
    • The CATCH program will be in the following areas:  Health, Physical Education and Nutrition.eal
    • UT Health and the We Can Program came out for a month to 7th grade girls P.E classes to educate on nutrition healthy lifestyle goals.
    • Girl Scouts of America educated all girls once a week for six weeks on various health and wellness topics.
    • Every eighth grade athlete received an EKG this year free of cost provided by East Houston Regional.
    • Coaches held meetings after school in regards to athlete’s health and wellness.

    Physical Education

    • All seventh graders will be screened for hearing and vision along with any new eighth graders.
    • Physical Education teachers will promote student wellness and health awareness.
    • Students will be encouraged to actively participate in physical activities each day.
    • First Aide, CPR, and locations of AED machines are reviewed with all athletes.
    • Physical Education teachers will implement CATCH physical education activities.
    • Students in grades 7-8 will complete the Texas Fitness Gram.
    • Cunningham will follow the state requirements for middle school students to be involved with physical activities and   organized sports.
    • Student /faculty volleyball game and basketball game.
    • Open gym to sapphire meetings, volleyball, and basketball clinics.

    Nutrition Standards

    • The students and staff have access to a menu item nutrient repot if needed.
    •  The school will offer breakfast and lunch and when applicable. Our students will model healthy eating and appropriate lunch room conduct
    • The staff will promote hand washing and encourage safe eating practices, such as no sharing of food or drink
    • Review lunch menu with students daily and discuss health benefits. 

    Other School Related Activities

    • Academic rallies are held at least once a semester to promote academic success, school spirit, and testing accomplishments. 
    • CMS will provide a healthy learning environment for all students.
    • The girl coaches took the 8th grade girls to NSSH signing for scholarships to various colleges.
    • Support for healthy lifestyles will be developed through health screenings and health clinics.
    • CMS will continue to work with Galena Park ISD in partnership with the Harris County Hospital District to provide a school - based clinic for its students and community.
    • CMS had its first annual Father/ Daughter dance to promote healthy relationships and to bring awareness to teen dating violence.
    • CMS will have a monthly Wellness Focus:

        Sept – Students are up to date on their vaccinations

        Oct – Breast Cancer Awareness Month/ Red Ribbon week

        Nov – Diabetes Awareness

                   Food Drive

                   Aspire Program –Tobacco awareness program

        Dec- Food Drive

        Jan/Feb – Super Bowl Drive

        Feb – National Heart Awareness month

        March- Nutrition Month – Helathy eating tips were given during morning announcements.

        April- Autism awareness, child abuse, and relay for life.  The staff wore blue in support of Light it up blue for Autism and also wore blue to support child abuse awareness. We also supported relay for life in which the students had the option to participate in fun day; which included paying 1, 2, or 3 dollars to pie their administrators.

        May-Mental Health Awareness