• James B. Havard Elementary is one of fifteen elementary campuses in the Galena Park Independent School District. James B. Havard Elementary opened its doors in 1998 and serves approximately 650 students in grades pre-kindergarten to fifth grade.  We have multiple special programs including Life Skills, FOCUS, PASS, SLC, Resource, Co-Teach, Gifted & Talented, 504, Dyslexia, and Tiered intervention programs. We also offer ESL and bilingual services to our ELL population.

    At Havard Elementary, we provide all students the opportunity to meet state standards through whole group instruction, small group interventions, tutorials, differentiated instruction, and TEKS focused high-quality instruction. We provide various opportunities for our students to meet state standards. The following are a few of the things in place to increase student success: 

    • Our campus is participating the Texas Instructional Leadership Initiative through Region 4 to increase data driven instruction in our classrooms. 
    • We also provide student tutorials for those identified at -risk.
    • Our interventionist provides dyslexic services for those identified in need. 
    • Our campus instructional coaches provide intervention support to teachers as well as to students throughout the year. 
    • The school counselor and other district personnel provide emotional support and guidance whenever needed. 
    • We offer a variety of clubs and after school activities to provide social and academic support to our students.
    • Our teachers have been trained extensively on guided reading and math, small group instruction and data driven instruction. 

     At Havard, we attempt to make decisions that will empower and validate all students. We strive to meet the needs of ALL students!

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