• Hello, my name is Mrs. Lloyd and I am so excited to be able to create art with your children.  I have been so fortunate to teach art at Havard Elementary for 20 years.  The art studio is a great place for all students to express themselves using their creativity, and individuality.  Each student comes to Art class once a week, for 50 minutes.  During that time, the students will learn about a variety of Artists, Art History, as well as work with different types of art media.  Students are expected to always come in with a positive attitude ready to learn and have fun!  Throughout the year, there will be opportunities for students to participate in Art Contests.  Some of the contests that Havard students participate in are  PTA Reflections, Rodeo Art, Spring Art Show, Christmas Card Contest, District Multimedia Art contest, Bilingual Art Contest and UIL competition.

    Also, if you would like to help volunteer to put up or take down art in the school, please contact me @ 832-386-3710, or email me at  

      Artist of the Month