• Havard Physical Education 2021-2022 School Year

    Children running

    For my classes the first way to prepare is for the students to wear sneakers or tennis shoes on the days they are scheduled for Physical Education.

    Topics for the 2021-22 School Year are as follows:

    Kinder through 2nd grade:

    (a) Fall Semester: Listening Activities (Driving Game), Personal Space, Following Directions (Circles and Parachute), Throwing and Catching (beanbags, playground balls, fluffy balls, tail balls), bouncing a ball, taking turns, working with a partner, relay activities.

    (b) Spring Semester: Tumbling and Gymnastics, Balancing Activities, Motor Skill Assessment, Movement Explorations (also Personal Space), Dance Movements, Tee Ball Activities (Baseball)

    Third through Fifth grades:

    (a) Fall Semester: Listening Activities (Driving Game), Four-Square, Football Skills, Volleyball Skills, Basketball Skills, Fitness Activities

    (b) Spring Semester: Fitness Activities, Jumping Rope and Jumping Activities (individually and with the long rope), Golfing Activities, Tug of War and Races, Baseball Activities, Throwing and Catching with other objects.