10 book
  • The 10 Book Challenge encourages students to read 10 books every month. Students in all grades and classes are encouraged to participate. For students who are non-readers or pre-readers, they are encouraged to be read to by parents or by using Epic and Storyline Online for listening to stories. Students will need to write the titles of the books they read on their reading log. At the end of each month, students that read 10 or more books and turn in their reading log to the librarian will be entered into a drawing for a bicycle at the end of the year. They will also have their name written on a star and placed on the bulletin board out in the hallway. This is a monthly challenge, so each month the students can be entered into the drawing if they read 10 books. Therefore, if a student reads 10 books each month of the school year, they will be entered 9 times for the bicycle drawing. Happy reading!!!