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  • Medication 

    If your child needs to take daily or as needed medication at school here is what you need to bring to the clinic:
          1. The medication in the original box with the pharmacy label, please check expiration dates.
          2. The Physician's Request Form signed by the doctor for a given prescription.

    For children with Asthma, we need a copy of the Asthma Action Plan filled out and signed by a doctor.

    For children with a Food or Environmental allergies, we need a copy of an Allergy Action Plan filled out by the doctor (Note: if the student has a food allergy, an action plan, AND cafeteria form must be filled out and signed by the doctor).

    Children who have seizures, we need a copy of the Seizure Action Plan filled out and signed by the doctor.

    For any over-the counter medication prescribed by the doctor such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen, you will need:

    1. A Parent Permission Form is required and the medication will need to be brought in its original container unopened with a current label from the pharmacy.
    2. The Physicians Request Form signed by the doctor is also required.

    For the safety of all children at school, students may not carry ANY MEDICINE such as cough drops, inhalers, pills, etc. while at school without a doctor’s note. Medication CANNOT be brought to school by students, a parent is required to drop off medication at school.

    IT IS IMPORTANT to notify the nurse if your child has any allergies or other medical changes that arise during the school year. A doctor’s note is required yearly for any food and milk allergies with the treatment plan. Your doctor may recommend having an epi-pen at school.