• James B. Havard Elementary
    Campus Wellness Policy

     Mission statement

    James B. Havard Elementary, in accordance with Galena Park ISD, implements a comprehensive wellness plan that encourages healthy eating and physical activity in order to reduce childhood obesity and to prepare students to become healthy productive citizens and lifelong learners.

    The Wellness Committee

    • Physical Education Coach: Omar Holguin
    • School Nurse: Abigail Nacisse
    • Nutritional Manager: Ana Ball
    • Parent: Bertha Treviño
    • Campus Administration: Dr. Lisa Hamblen
    • Teacher: Melechia Mitchell

     Goals for Student and Staff Wellness

    Nutrition Education
    Students will be provided with healthy eating tips on the monthly menu, morning announcements about menu selection each day at school and school café App where parents can view the menu at home.

    • Daily selection of fruits and vegetables.
    • Faculty and staff will encourage students to eat healthy snacks.
    • CATCH: Coordinated Approach to Child Health. It is a resource for bringing schools, families, and communities together to work toward creating a healthy school environment. The CATCH Program will be implemented in the following areas: Health, Physical Education, and Nutrition. 
    • Teachers will be encouraged to integrate nutrition education across the curriculum.

    Nutritional Standards

    • The school will offer breakfast, lunch, and an afterschool healthy snack program.
    • The school will provide nutritional information to parents and encourage parents to provide nutritious foods to their children.
    • Encourage students to drink water, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, and 100% fruit or vegetable juice diluted with water (with or without carbonation) and no added sweeteners.

    Nutrition guidelines

    • School menu will be announced daily over morning announcements.
    • Students will be surveyed concerning their choice of favorite foods.
    • Faculty and staff will model healthy eating as well as the appropriate voice level in the cafeteria.
    • School personnel will assist all students in developing the healthy practice of hand washing before eating.
    • Students may bring a daily class snack (as designated by the teachers), which must consist of healthy options such as fruits, crackers, protein, etc.)
    • Classroom celebrations shall be limited to two parties per academic year (Christmas and End of the year) and will be held during the last 30min of the school day.
    • Student birthday celebrations are limited to the last 15minutes of the school day.

     Physical activity/ education

    • Promote no less than 20 minutes a day of physical activity among students, faculty, and staff.
    • Implementation of CATCH
    • Physical education teacher will continue to incorporate daily moderate to vigorous activities that will help enhance and develop healthy related fitness. 
    • Gym open after school for staff to walk or run. 24 laps equals 1 mile.
    • Physical education will not be used as a punishment (e.g. running laps or pushups)
    • Encourage students to participate in relay for life.
    • Soccer program for students.
    • Promote water safety by physical educator.
    • Care Van immunization and flu shots available to students and staff.
    • Free Vision program offered to students (See to Succeed)
    • Project Saving Smiles (free dental care for 2nd grade students)
    • Staff presentation on anaphylaxis, food allergy, and blood pathogens.
    • Participation in the GPISD School Health Advisory council.

    For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the wellness plan, please contact:

    Dr. Lisa Hamblen – Principal – lappel@galenaparkisd.com
    Abigail Nacisse – School Nurse – anacisse@galenaparkisd.com

    Parents are welcome to set up a meeting with the Wellness Team at any time. We would love to sit down and listen to your thoughts and ideas regarding our Wellness Plan.