• Board of Trustees

    The Superintendent and the Galena Park ISD Board of Trustees function as a “Team of Eight.” The Board of Trustees is responsible for creating policy for the District, as well as adopting the budget and setting goals and priorities. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent and staff to lead the District and ensure the board-adopted policies are implemented.

    GPISD Board of Trustees
    First Row:  Wilfred J. Broussard, Jr., Board Trustee; Wanda Heath Johnson, Board Trustee; Ramon Garza, President
    Second Row:   Adrian Stephens, Secretary; * Dawn Fisher, Board Trustee; Dr. Angi Williams, Superintendent of Schools; Minnie Rivera, Board Trustee; Jeff Miller, Vice President


    * In memory, honor and gratitude for the 17 years of service Dawn Fisher gave to Galena Park. (2002-2019) Forever in our hearts!