Department of Student Support Services

  • Department of Student Support Services

    The Department of Student Support Services is here to provide students, parents and campuses with guidance in the following areas: federal, special education and early childhood programs, counseling, pregnancy related, speech and homebound services, medical and health issues, crisis intervention, homelessness, advanced academics, occupational and physical therapy and Section 504.

    Parent Notification Concerning School Nurses, School Counselors and Librarians - Texas Education Code 25.097

    Galena Park ISD has employed the services of full-time nurses, counselors, and librarians at each of our campuses in the district with the exception of our Career and Technology Education Early College High School campus. Though the CTE ECH campus does have full-time counselors, and the use of an extensive college library, medical support is provided by the services of a full-time staff member trained in first aid, GPISD Itinerant Medical Assistants and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program offered by San Jacinto College.

    Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training – Texas Education Code 38.004

    Galena Park ISD provides training on the prevention and proper reporting of suspected child abuse through an online training module.  The purpose of the training is to provide information designed to equip staff in recognizing and reporting suspected child abuse.  At the conclusion of the training, staff members are required to sign statements of affirmation indicating acknowledgement of the information and their responsibility as a GPISD employee.

    School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

    In accordance with BDF (Legal), GPISD’s School Health Advisory Council will meet four times each year.  For the 2018-2019 school year, SHAC will meet on the following dates: October 4th, December 11th, February 7th, and April 12th.

    For more information on the BDF (Legal), please click on the link below.
    BDF (Legal)

    Diplomas for Certain Individuals Who Entered Grade 9 Before 2011-2012 School Year - Texas Education Code 74.1027

    Please contact Ms. Seretha Augustine or Dr. Mechelle Epps for more information.

    For more information on the Texas Education Code 74.1027, please click on the link below. 
    TEC 74.1027