The Pregnancy, Education, and Parenting (P.E.P.) Program


    Mission Statement

    The purpose of PEP is to reduce student absences and to prevent dropouts due to teen pregnancy and parenting responsibilities. The PEP program is designed to enable pregnant students and school-age parents to become educated, self-sufficient, responsible, career-oriented citizens. The PEP program also works to recover teen parents who have dropped out of school and who are still below the compulsory attendance age.


    The PEP program will work to reduce the dropout rate among pregnant and parenting teens by providing a variety of specialized services. The PEP program will provide education in parenting and self-sufficiency skills while allowing each student-parent to continue receiving academic and career-related instruction on a regular school campus. The availability of childcare, transportation and a specially designed 4-year graduation plan will contribute to a decrease in the dropout rate among the teen parent population.

    Childcare Program Vision

    The mission of the Galena Park ISD Childcare Center is to provide quality childcare for G.P.I.S.D. student's children. In our child care center, health and safety practices are assured, and age appropriate sensory motor skills are developed using a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Language development is enhanced through the child's interaction in everyday experiences and language arts activities. Pro-social behavior is promoted through interaction with peers and adults in a caring and loving environment which respects the uniqueness of each child and sets the stage for the child to become an active participant in their education and an eager lifelong learner.


    At the Galena Park ISD Childcare Center equal educational opportunity are available for all children, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, ethnicity, religion,disability, or parent/provider political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, or special needs or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. Educational programs are designed to meet the varying needs of all children.

Front of PEP Center Building

Contact Info

  • Galena Park ISD Childcare Services Staff and Locations


    South Center

    1906 2nd Street
    Galena Park, Texas 77547
    Office: 832.386.3760 Fax: 832.386.2013

    Diane Sharp - Director of Childcare Services


    Traci Casiano -  Childcare Services Clerk



    North Center

    14310 Duncannon St

    Houston,Tx 77015

    Barbara Garrett - Director of Childcare Services

    April Rangel-Cardoso - Childcare Services Clerk



    P.E.P. Staff Contact informaiton

    Ann Tyner - Parenting Education Facilitator

    832-386-2031 PEP, 832-386-4206 NSSH, 832-386-2873 GPHS

    Veronica Coreas - Assistant to the Parenting Education Facilitator


    Lekesha Garrett - Community Class/CEHI Teacher


    Nicolette Haney - Community Class/CEHI Teacher


Young child riding a bike.
Mother playing with baby.