Galena Park ISD Alumni Spotlight

  • Meet Dr. Marquetta Giles.  Becoming a doctor, she spent her early years as a student in GPISD.  She attended Tice Elementary, Cunningham Middle School, and is a 2002 graduate of North Shore Senior High School. While in high school, Marquetta was involved in numerous organizations such as the National Honor Society, the Health Occupation Student Association, band, and color guard.

    Marquetta decided to continue her higher education at Sam Houston State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Science in 2006. She chose that major because she wanted a career in the health care industry and knew it would help prepare her for a career in the health care field. After graduation, she worked for an insurance company for two years. In May 2009, she applied and attended Texas Chiropractor College in Houston, TX. She completed the program in August 2012, taking only 3/12 years to complete the program instead of the typical four years.

    While in high school, Marquetta had the opportunity to enroll in the student hospital rotation program that took place at East Houston Regional Hospital. It was at that moment she realized she did not want to work in a hospital. She wanted a different atmosphere.  While in college, she worked as a research assistant at Baylor College of Medicine where she shadowed doctors, and she had the opportunity to shadow a chiropractor.  She saw that being a chiropractor offered the ability to heal without surgery or medicine, which offered patients a better way of life. At that moment, she knew exactly what direction she wanted to go in the health care profession. Marquetta stated, “A chiropractor is so much more than someone who helps with back pain – it is a professional wellness model of healthcare which helps patients function and heal better.”

    Last year, Marquetta realized she was tired of working for other people, so she decided to branch out and begin her own practice, Spinal Perceptions Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Her office specializes in family wellness, corrective spinal care, prenatal and pediatric patients, as well as adults. She believes that in order to truly benefit her community she had to be a resource.

    She loves owning her own business for many reasons.  She is able to provide jobs for other people, being able to see her patients’ lives change, giving people hope, helping children sleep better, helping veterans get their lives back, and helping women get pregnant by removing interferences with their nervous system by helping their body function better and heal better. Owning her own company is also very rewarding.  Having a flexible work schedule is great, and she decides her own salary depending on what she is willing to put in to her business.  Marquetta is very proud of her accomplishments, all of which have happened before the age of 30.  She is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She loves to connect with other professionals and travel since she has a flexible schedule.

    Her advice to students and graduates is to gain exposure in career paths in which you may be interested.  Get experience in the interested career field and make sure you see if your choice is truly the career for you – one you enjoy.

    We are so proud of Marquetta’s achievements, she certainly has made GPISD proud!  Thank you for being a perfect example to our students and for giving back to our wonderful community.

    Dr. Marquetta Giles