How to Find Your Voting Precinct Number

  • Go to  

      1. Click the <<Voter>> tab to see the drop-down menu
      2. Click << Registration>>
      3. Select <<Voter Registration Search>> from the left blue navigation menu.
      4. Enter the voter’s name in the blank box and search by name.
      5. If the voter name appears, click the blue, hyperlinked certificate number.
      6. The Precinct Number can be found on the voter registration card.  Circled in red below.
      7. Scroll down to also verify the school district.  You should see Galena Park ISD if eligible to vote in this election.


Election Day Precincts

  • On May 6, 2023, you must go to your Election Day voting location assigned to your precinct.

    Precincts Election Day Voting Location
    81, 164, 208 Galena Park Middle School
    162, 163 Jacinto City Town Center
    375, 827, 831, 872 Cloverleaf Elementary
    353, 376, 1017, 1023 Kenneth J. Tice Elementary
    368, 413, 460, 725 North Shore Elementary
    266, 354, 824 Green Valley Elementary