• Excused Absences

    A child required to attend school may be excused for temporary absence resulting from any cause acceptable to the teacher, or principal of the school in which the child is enrolled. Excused absences may include temporary absence resulting from personal illness, death or illness in the family, quarantine, weather or road conditions making travel dangerous, or a required court appearance. All absences for which the student brings a doctor’s note will be considered excused absences. In cases where the student brings a parent note, the first five notes will excuse the absence, as long as the duration of the absence is between one and four consecutive days. All absences of five days or longer will require a doctor’s note.

    Any notes from the parent and/or guardian explaining the nature of the absence must be submitted no later than three (3) school days after the student’s absence and must include specific information as to the nature of the absence.
    Information required:
    1. Name of student
    2. Campus
    3. Date(s) of absence(s)
    4. Specific reason for absence(s)
    5. Signature of parent/guardian
    6. Phone number of parent/guardian
    7. Date

    Excuse notes can be emailed directly to your child's campus.  Click on the righthand side of the tab below to open the list of campuses.