• Potty Training

    In Galena Park ISD, our educators partner with families to ensure that children feel supported in all aspects of their development; socially, emotionally, and academically. We understand that each child may reach major milestones at different times, including using the toilet independently.  

    The Texas Education Agency states that it is not mandatory that children be fully potty trained before entering a state-funded, public Pre-K program.  However, it is STRONGLY encouraged that families work diligently on potty training before the start of the school year.   

    Here are a few ways that parents/guardians can help with their child's independence with potty training at home and at school. 

    • Remind children to use the restroom regularly (every 30 minutes to an hour) even when they say they don't have to go.
    • Teach, model, and guide children to wipe themselves.
    • Dress them in clothing that is easy for them to remove independently (no belts, loose-fitting clothes, elastic waist bands, no rompers or overalls).
    • Have children consistently practice pulling their own pants up and down.
    • Praise your child for all the effort and success!  Do not punish or shame them for having a potty accident as that will only prolong the process.
    • Be patient and consistent! 
    • Inform your child's teacher at what stage they are in potty training and how often they need to go.