• Get involved. Be heard.

    Citizens are encouraged to attend Board meetings and take an active role in the community. Those who wish to address the Board may do so during regular monthly meetings.

    Citizen Participation Request at Board Meetings

    Per Galena Park I.S.D. policies BED (LEGAL) and BED (LOCAL), each of our regularly scheduled Board meetings include a limited public forum for the purpose of hearing public comments pertaining to items listed on the meeting agenda. Persons who desire to make comments during this forum are required to complete a request form. 

    Procedures regarding Citizen Participation at a Board of Trustees meeting are disclosed to you. They are as follows: 

    • Citizen Participation is limited to the current meeting agenda; 
    • Persons who wish to participate in this portion must sign up with the President's designee 30 minutes prior to the start time of the posted meeting and shall include the agenda item(s) being addressed; 
    • No comments shall exceed three minutes unless a translation is required, then the speaker will be allotted six minutes; 
    • A registered speaker must personally make his or her presentation during the designated time. Any registered presenter who is absent from the meeting or attempts to allow another person to present for him or her shall forfeit the opportunity to address the Board at the meeting; 
    • The Board will not entertain comments concerning complaints or concerns which are covered by other policies; and 
    • The Board is not required to comment on items presented under Citizen Participation.

    Participation Request Forms are available through the Galena Park I.S.D. Communication Services Department.