Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the new HB 5 graduation requirements be required for all current 8th grade students?
    HB 5 Graduation requirements are required for all students entering high school for the first time during or after the 2014-15 school year.

    How will the HB 5 graduation requirements impact athletes?
    Athletes will still be able to graduate with Endorsements and Performance Acknowledgments. Athletes should meet with their counselor to plan their course selections.

    How will the HB 5 graduation requirements impact a special education student?
    An IEP or 504 Committee can substitute an academic class for the PE requirement for students who are unable to physically participate in PE. An IEP or 504 Committee can substitute two academic classes for the Language Other Than English requirements. Special Education students will still be expected to earn an Endorsement in their area of interest.

    What is the process for parents who did not receive a letter indicating the Endorsement placement for their student?
    Please contact your child’s middle school counselor to receive a new copy of the letter.

    What foreign language classes are offered in high school?
    GPISD offers both Spanish and French.

    Can JROTC replace the PE class?
    Yes, JROTC does replace the PE requirement.

    What is the exact number of credits required to obtain each endorsement?
    For students to earn an Endorsement, a student must have 26 or more credits. There are multiple ways to earn each Endorsement, each requiring a different number of elective credits focused on a certain area.

    When can a student begin taking dual credit classes and what is the process?
    Students usually begin taking Dual Credit classes in 11th grade. Students interested in Dual Credit must apply with the college and either take the TSIA Exam or be TSIA exempt. Once accepted by the college, the student will be expected to pay the tuition for the classes at a reduced rate.

    Are students allowed to take dual credit classes in the summer?
    Yes, students may take Dual Credit classes in the summer. Only Dual Credits classes taken during the school year and are part of the student’s 8-period schedule will count towards the student’s GPA.