• Bayou Legacy Walk
            The Bayou Legacy Walk began simply as the “Bayou Walk” held on Carpenters Bayou and in its early stages was an event designated to raise funds for the Daniel Bazan Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund after his tragic death on January 18, 2007, at 21 years of age. Today this event serves as a time to emphasize contributions to the Foundation General Scholarship Fund as well as our other foundation scholarships including our memorial and named Scholarships. 

    Memorial and Named Scholarships include:
         Maria Argueta Memorial (Sam Houston Elementary)
         Abby Awdi Memorial
         Orville “Jack” Armstrong Memorial
         Daniel Bazan Jr. Memorial
         James Brown Jr. Memorial (North Shore Middle School)
         Bob Campbell Vocational
         Carroll Wayne Campbell Memorial
         Vikas Chaphekar Memorial
         Lt. Jack Giacona Memorial
         Ruby Gresham Geography Bee
         James B. Havard Memorial (Havard Elementary)
         Christy Hughes Memorial (Tice Elementary)
         Fran Keal Memorial (MacArthur Elementary)
         Minnie Keller Memorial
         FMAA - Arthur C. Lilly Memorial
         Loyce Manahan Memorial (Pyburn Elementary)
         Mario Martinez Memorial (Green Valley Elementary)
         Marlene Richeson Nursing
         Johnnie and Kay Rountree Memorial
         Janet Sholar Memorial
         Jim Trammel Memorial
         Desmond “Cat” Tyler Memorial

         Kenneth Wallac
    e Leadership
         Dr. Angi Williams Legacy of Excellence
         Terry Wisdom Memorial

         Homegrown Nurse
         Homegrown Teacher
         Migrant Education Program
         Retired Teachers for Aspiring Educators
         Spanish Spelling Bee