EM Cycle
  • Our goal is to provide safe and secure schools where all students, staff and visitors thrive in a comfortable, welcoming environment.



    • Security vestibules or secure main entrances at our elementary schools and our newer secondary campuses.
    • Visitors present identification and are screened through the Raptor system.
    • Card access doors to provide controlled access on all facilities.
    • Video surveillance at all facilities. Over 1800 cameras deployed across GPISD.
    • Conducting safety and security audits as required by the Texas Education Code and in compliance with the Texas School Safety Center Recommendations
    • A school safety and security committee comprised of local stakeholders who review compliance and offer recommendations to enhance security and safety.


    • Multi-hazard district and campus emergency operations plans tailored to each campus' specific needs.
    • Drills in accordance with the Governor's Round Table recommendations and the standards of the Texas School Safety Center.
    • All Standard Response Protocols - Evacuation, Reverse Evacuation, Lockout-Lockdown, Shelter In Place - once each semester.
    • Tabletop drills are conducted at each campus.
    • Intruder drills are conducted at all facilities.
    • Coordination with federal, state and local authorities and first responders.
    • Participation in the Galena Park Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and the North Channel LEPC.
    • District and campus level emergency equipment and supplies.
    • Mutual-aid, inter-local and other agreements to support comprehensive emergency preparedness.


    • Implementation of Standard Response Protocol, e.g. Lockdown, Lockout, Evacuation, and Shelter-in-Place. 
    • Use of Incident Command System (ICS).
    • All campus administrators and key district administrators trained in National Incident Management System.
    • Blackboard Parentlink Portal for mass notification.
    • Collaboration with local first responders.  


    • Plans for the emotional and physical health of students and staff after an incident.
    • After-action reviews and corrective action plans are required after each drill/incident.
    • Continuity of operation planning to continue essential school/district functions during and after an incident.