McKinney-Vento School Support Services

  • Galena Park Independent School District is committed to providing all students with the support and help they need to be successful in school. We aim to do this by providing all McKinney-Vento students and families with the essential tools and resources needed to have a successful school year.
    McKinney-Vento services provided to students and parents includes, but are not limited to the following: 

    Case Management Services: Supportive guidance and direction that helps alleviate barriers to obtain a good education, basic need and additional resources as needed. 

    Family & Student Support: Mobilize and coordinate community resources for families and students that address academic, behavioral, financial and social needs. 

    Resources: Obtain and maintain knowledge about local resources that are available to and for families facing daily life challenges and hardships. 

    Advocacy: Ensure that all students, regardless of their living situation or circumstance, have everything they need to be a successful student as well as help alleviate barriers that may interfere with obtaining equality and school success. 

    Supportive Counseling: Provide support to children and parents whose home and living situation has been disrupted as a result of loss of housing.  

    In addition, GPISD has partnerships with various organizations and agencies that work collaboratively within the schools to help meet the needs of the families. Services range from counseling services, crisis intervention, immunizations, mental health care, and general health care. 

    If you need assistance, feel free to give us a call at: (Office) 832-386-1160. 

    Thank you.