Funding and Spending

  • The following section details state funding factors for TIA designation amounts, as well as the spending plan for TIA at Galena Park ISD.

    There are three funding factors that will determine the amount that designated teachers will be eligible for. The total dollar amount that LEAs would receive from the state for their designated teachers will depend on the designation level of the teacher, whether the school that the educator works at is rural, and the level of socio-economic need at the campus. The funding that LEAs are eligible for per designation are: 

    • Recognized: $3,000 - $9,000 
    • Exemplary: $6,000 - $18,000 
    • Master: $12,000 - $32,000 


    • Designated teachers receive 90% of the amount associated with the designation (82% in compensation and 8% to TRS). Galena Park ISD retains 10% for TIA implementation support. 
    • Payment to designated teachers will be made in the form of a stipend once yearly in late summer.