General Information

  • Why are we using a TIA local designation system?
    Galena Park ISD is working to develop a teacher incentive program that will allow the district to become more competitive in recruiting effective teachers while rewarding top-performing teachers with more money annually.

    Is TIA funded by the state or the district?
    TIA is funded by the State of Texas as part of House Bill 3. As a result, the state has established specific criteria and guidelines regarding how the funds can be earned and distributed. To that end, Galena Park ISD will only move forward with TIA so long as it continues to be state-funded.

    How can teachers earn funding through TIA?
    Designated teachers earn additional compensation that is associated with their designation level at their campus. See below for ranges provided by TIA but specific amounts are determined after data is submitted to TEA:

    • Recognized: $3,000 - $9,000 
    • Exemplary: $6,000 - $18,000 
    • Master: $12,000 - $32,000

    For specific funding information by campus, click here to review the TIA Allotment Funding Interactive Map. Be advised that higher-need campuses have higher allotments.

    How long is a teacher’s designation valid? 
    A teacher's designation is valid for five years and is reflected on the teacher’s SBEC. Based on performance during the 5-year designation, a teacher can be recommended for a higher designation but not a lower designation.