General Eligibility

  • Enrolling in Galena Park ISD
    Galena Park ISD welcomes all new and returning students. 

    General Eligibility
    All children five years of age and younger than 21 years of age on the first day of September of any school  year, and whose parents or legal guardians are residents of Galena Park ISD will be admitted free of tuition to the public schools.

    A child must be enrolled by the child’s parent, guardian, or other person with legal control under a court order. The District shall record the name, address, and date of birth of the person enrolling the child.  If you are not the parent or legal guardian of a child seeking enrollment, call the Student Admissions Department for assistance at 832-386-1188.

    Age Requirements
    Pre-K (3) - a child must be three years old on or before September 1, 2022, and meet eligibility requirements. Pre-K is a half-day program.
    Pre-K (4) – a child must be four years old on or before September 1, 2022, and meet eligibility requirements. Pre-K is a full-day program.
    Kindergarten – a child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2022. Kindergarten is a full-day program.
    First Grade – a child must be six years old on or before September 1, 2022.

    Proof of residency is required for New Student Enrollment.  Shared Residency/Landlord Affidavits require an annual renewal.

    Acceptable proof of residency:

    • Utility Bill dated within 30 days of enrollment (Gas, Electric, Water)

    Documents must include the parents/legal guardian’s name and service address at the time of enrollment. Welcome letters from service providers are acceptable. Disconnection notices are not accepted.

    Parents/legal guardians who are renting/leasing are required to provide a current signed lease agreement /rental contract. The lease agreement must include the parent/guardian’s name. NOTE: Expired leases are not acceptable.

    Landlord Verification
    Parents/Legal Guardians who are leasing /renting, but are unable to provide a lease agreement or rental contract, are asked to complete a Landlord/Shared Residency Affidavit with proof of current rent payment. The Residency Affidavit must be submitted with a copy of the TDL/ID and current utility bill (water, gas, electric) that designates the name of the landlord/lessee.  

    Shared Residency
    Parents and children living with a relative or friend within the Galena Park ISD boundaries are required to complete the Landlord/Shared Residency Affidavit.  The Residency Affidavit must be notarized and submitted with a copy of the homeowner’s (Galena Park ISD resident) TDL/ID and homeowner’s current utility bill (water, gas, electric).

    Proof of Eligibility
    A district may require evidence that a person is eligible to attend the public schools of the district at the time it considers an application for admission. A board or its designee shall establish minimum proof of residency acceptable to a district. A board or its designee may make reasonable inquiries to verify a person’s eligibility for admission. (Education Code 25.001 (c))

  • Presenting a false document or false records in connection with enrollment is a criminal offense under Penal Code §37.10 (Tampering with Governmental Records) and enrolling the child under false documents makes the person liable for tuition or other costs.

    In addition to the penalty under Penal Code §37.10, a person who knowingly falsifies information on a form required for a student’s enrollment in the District is liable to the District if the student is not eligible for enrollment, but is enrolled on the basis of false information.  For the period during which the ineligible student is enrolled, the person is liable for the maximum tuition fee the District may charge or the amount the District has budgeted per student as maintenance and operating expenses, whichever is greater.

    Proof of residency is also required if the student moves during the school year. Unannounced home visits and/or requesting additional documents may be done at any time at the district's discretion to verify residency.