• Arts and Humanities Endorsement


    A student may earn an Arts and Humanities Endorsement by completing one of the following: 

    Option A: Social Studies (5 credits)

    Page 22 in the Course Guide


    Option B: Languages other than English (LOTE)/ Sign Language (4 credits - Level III)

    Option C: LOTE Combo (4 credits - 2 levels each in two LOTE)

    Option D: LOTE/ Sign Language (4 credits - Level IV)

    Page 28 in the Course Guide


    Option E: Fine Arts from one or two areas (4 credits) 

    Band / Art / Theater Arts / Dance

    Page 30 in the Course Guide


    (access more information about Galena Park ISD Fine Arts Department here)

    Option F: English Electives (4 credits - English electives not included in Business and Industry)

    Page 13 in the Course Guide