Once you have written your proposal and completed the grant application, please forward a copy of the Grant Guidelines, the application, and all supporting documents, including the budget, to the Director for Academic Support and Grants.  All applications requiring a signature will be signed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or the Superintendent.  The Director for Academic Support and Grants will obtain this signature as part of the final review process.  A copy of all grants submitted on behalf of Galena Park ISD is required for auditing purposes.

    The Director for Academic Support and Grants will do the following with your grant application:

    • Submit any contract, agreement, or Interlocal Agreement via Laserfiche for review of terms and conditions, when required. Only the Superintendent or CFO is authorized to sign a contract on behalf of GPISD.  Note:  Not all applications will have a contract or agreement.
    • Obtain approval from the department Assistant Superintendent and Associate
    • If application does not contain a contract/agreement/Interlocal Agreement, the Director of 504 and Grants will submit a summary of the grant, identifying any matching funds and sources, the grant application to the Special Revenue Accountant to review. The cover letter will be signed by a Special Revenue Accountant.  If purchases over $50,000 will be made, the Purchasing Director will review the vendor information to ensure the vendor is competitively procured.
    • Route the application to the CFO for signature.
    • Coordinate with submitting campus/department if approval by Board of Trustees is necessary.
    • Return the application to originator for submission to the Grantor.