• Implementation of Grant
    Upon receipt of the NOGA from the grantor, The Director for Academic Support and Grants schedules a formal orientation meeting with the Grantee (i.e., program or project director) and Accounting. The Grantee must attend the meeting in order for the budget to be loaded into Frontline and to begin implementation of the program.  The Grantee:

    • Identifies the principal or liaison who will serve as the contact person for grant;
    • Aligns program objectives and activities with grant guidelines and district policy;
    • Completes the required board agenda item, if required for acceptance of award;
    • Facilitates contracts with all service providers;
    • Facilitates Frontline access for budget monitoring;
    • Monitors budget and implements strategies written into the grant;
    • Provides program management and timekeeping;
    • Disseminates program information to parents and community; and
    • Completes compliance reporting.


    Program or Project Budget
    After Galena Park ISD takes the necessary steps for acceptance of the grant, the funds must be submitted through the Accounting Department. The Special Revenue Accountant creates the budget for each program or project according to the amount and regulations of the grant awarded. The funds are loaded into Frontline according to the Notice of Grant Award (NOGA). The Grantee is responsible for supervising the execution of the grant and monitoring expenditures to prevent any possible misuse of funds and for compliance with state and federal guidelines, as applicable. The Grantee must adhere to the deadlines established by the Business Office, including grant ending date, requisition cut-off, P-card cut-off, and goods receipt posting date.