Fine Arts Mission

  • The mission of the Galena Park Independent School District Fine Arts Department is to educate every child in the District through academic enrichment by empowering each student to use their minds more creatively, inspiring them to be life-long participants and supporters of the Arts, so that through the uniqueness of the Arts they will discover and share the uniqueness in themselves and others.

Fine Arts Vision

  • To enhance the life of every child in the Galena Park Independent School District by adding depth and dimension to their minds and spirits; connecting them to their past, present and future by providing them the means for finding within themselves and others what makes us creative and loving human beings.

Fine Arts Philosophy

  • Throughout history the Arts have defined, described and enhanced the human experience. The Arts are humanity’s deepest river of continuity, connecting each new generation to those who have gone before them. The Arts provide a unique source of insightful discovery and expression of our deepest emotions.

    Arts education is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds, bodies and spirits. Through the Arts students develop higher-order thinking skills, intuition, reasoning, problem solving skills, imagination, dexterity, collaboration, discipline, motivation and self-esteem. Essential knowledge and skills in the Arts are integral to a complete education.

    Students educated in the Arts become competent in both logical and creative thinking and will serve as the agents of change, challenging the paradigms of an evolving technological society.

    Therefore, the Galena Park Independent School District's Department of Fine Arts believes that students should be able to comprehend and demonstrate the following by the time they have completed secondary school.

Fine Arts Department Goals

    • Respect and appreciate the diversity of the Arts
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the process of at least one Arts discipline
    • Analyze and assess works in the Arts
    • Possess an informed acquaintance with exemplary works in the Arts


  • The Galena Park Independent School District is very proud of its exceptional visual arts programs. Students are involved in creating outstanding works through their classroom studies. Students participate in both the Texas Art Education Association's high school and middle school Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE and Jr. VASE), The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Regional and National art program as well as the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo's School Art Program. In addition, the district has two showings for student artwork. The Rodeo Art Show is held every year in January and the GPISD Spring Art Showcase is held in May.


  • Music Education in Galena Park I.S.D. has its roots in a solid elementary program based on strong singing skills and performance activities. Every fourth and fifth grader has the opportunity to audition for their school's "Honor Choir".

    Formal training in instrumental music begins in sixth grade where students are instructed in brass, woodwind, and percussion classes. Seventh and eighth grade band students are placed in ability grouped bands and are given performance opportunities each year at concerts as well as at several home football games. All band members can participate in the TMEA audition process, District Solo & Ensemble Contest and each school participates in UIL Concert & Sight-reading Evaluation annually.

    High School students are placed in ability grouped performing band classes during the school day, but meet together after school to form Galena Park and North Shore High School's marching units. High school students participate in TMEA All-State audition process, Solo & Ensemble Contest and UIL Concert & Sight-reading. Upper level students travel to regional and national music festivals for more competition. More in-depth study of music is offered at the high school level with courses in applied music and Music Theory I and II.

    Choral education continues with the opportunity for all sixth graders to participate in choir as a year long course in middle school. Students perform on several concerts throughout the school year and participate in the district Solo & Ensemble Contest. Seventh and eighth grade choirs perform as mixed choirs, girls choirs and boys choirs on home concerts as well as competing at UIL Concert and Sight-reading.

    When students reach the high school level students are able to participate in a wide variety of ability grouped choral ensembles as well as treble and mixed show choirs. Upper level students travel to regional and national music festivals for competition. More in-depth study of music is offered at the high school level with courses in Applied Music, private voice lessons, and Music Theory I and II.


  • Dance is available to high school students at all three of our campuses. In addition to our high school drill teams, the Jacketeers and the Scarlets, students are offered four levels of dance as well as dance appreciation and dance production classes that are credited as physical education or Fine Arts electives.


  • The Theater Arts Department offers seventh through twelfth grade students unique opportunities to study and develop their talents. Courses are offered in Theater Arts and Theater Production for all interested students. Each campus department sponsors student productions throughout the school year as well as competition in the UIL One Act Play Contest.