Booster Club Information

  • This information is for all existing and proposed booster clubs in the Galena Park Independent School District. Please review the "Booster Club Handbook" and contact Sam Harris, Director for Fine Arts & Academic Enrichment, with questions regarding booster organizations.

    Each booster club must submit their signed Booster Club Checklist with all supporting documentation by September 17, 2021 in order to be approved for the 2021-2022 school year.

    All booster club officers and chaperons must complete the GPISD Volunteer Form and return to the booster club sponsor. Booster club sponsors are responsible turning them into their campus no later than September 10, 2021. As Chaperons are added throughout the school year they must turn in this form for a background check prior to traveling with students on any field trip or activity.

UIL Booster Club Guidelines

  • The University Interscholastic League's UIL Booster Club Guidelines govern all booster club activities related to University Interscholastic League sponsored competition. Since the University Scholastic League (UIL) regulates and governs what participants, sponsors, and coaches may and may not accept, it is very important that booster club members and parents be aware of these guidelines. Click UIL Booster Club Guidelines to view the publication.

Booster Club Files

Approved Booster Clubs

    1. Cobb Band (Fine Arts)
    2. CMS Band (Fine Arts)
    3. CMS Drill Team (Fine Arts)
    4. GPHS Band (Fine Arts)
    5. GPHS Cheerleading (Fine Arts)
    6. GPHS Choir (Fine Arts)
    7. GPHS Drill Team (Fine Arts)
    8. GPHS Friends of Baseball (Fine Arts)
    9. GPHS FFA (Fine Arts)
    10. GPMS Band (Fine Arts)
    11. GPMS Drill Team (Fine Arts)
    12. NSMS Band (Fine Arts)
    13. NSMS Cheerleading (Fine Arts)
    14. NSMS Choir (Fine Arts)
    15. NSMS Drill Team (Fine Arts)
    16. NSSH Band (Fine Arts)
    17. NSSH Cheer (Fine Arts)
    18. NSSH Choir (Fine Arts)
    19. NSSH Drill Team (Fine Arts)
    20. NSSH FFA (Fine Arts)
    21. NSSH Project Graduation (Campus)
    22. NSSH Softball (Fine Arts)
    23. NSSH Stampede Studios (Fine Arts)
    24. NSSH Theatre (Fine Arts)
    25. WAMS Band (Fine Arts)
    26. WAMS Choir (Fine Arts)