• Beneficiary Forms 
    It is extremely important that you complete a beneficiary form for EACH life insurance plan you are provided or purchase. That means you will have one form for your Basic Life Insurance, one form for your Supplemental Term Life, and one form for your Texas Life (provided you purchase the additional coverage). 

    Be certain your beneficiary forms are updated regularly to ensure if something happens to you, your policy will direct payment to the right people.

    Please use the links found below each product to print the required beneficiary form. Please return all completed forms to Employee Benefits.

    Galena Park ISD offers the following Life Insurance Plans to our employees.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic Life (District Paid)
    Galena Park ISD provides $25,000 in Basic Term Life insurance for all full time employees of the District. This insurance is provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield, and is in effect while you are a full time employee of GPISD. 

    Basic Life Beneficiary Form English
    Basic Life Beneficiary Form Spanish

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Supplemental Term Life
    Offered as an addition to the Basic Term Life is Supplemental Term Life. This supplemental insurance is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield, and is in effect while you are employed at GPISD. Full time employees of GPISD may purchase supplemental term life during Open Enrollment or at the time of a Qualifying Event. Rates vary based on age and coverage amount selected. Full time employees who purchase a policy may also purchase coverage for their legal spouse, and dependent children. Employees with Supplemental Term Life may increase their coverage each year during Open Enrollment up to an established amount based on your wages. New hires to GPISD may purchase up to $200,000 without Evidence of Insurability within the first 30 days of hire.

    Supplemental Term Life Beneficiary Form English
    Supplemental Term Life Beneficiary Form Spanish

    Texas Life Permanent Life
    GPSD offers a portable, permanent life insurance policy through Texas Life. This coverage may be purchased by a full time employee, and coverage may include a legal spouse, dependent children, or grandchildren. Rates vary based on your age at the time the policy is purchased as well as the coverage amount purchased. Full time employees may purchase Texas Life during Open Enrollment or at the time of a Qualifying Event. 

    Texas Permanent Life Beneficiary Form