• Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    GuidanceResources by ComPsych 

    Your GuidanceResources Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a network of services that can help you improve your health and handle any personal or professional challenges you face.  It is provided free of charge to all active non-exempt and exempt staff and their household family members, and offers someone to talk to and resources to consult 24/7 by phone or online. 

    * Confidential Counseling includes six free face-to-face sessions with a Masters or PhD level counselor to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, grief and so much more.
    * Work-Life Solutions includes free, unlimited referrals and resources for just about anything on your to-do list.
    * Legal Guidance includes unlimited legal assistance with attorneys via phone; a free 30-minute consultation and a 25% fee reduction of representation.
    * Financial Resources includes unlimited financial assistance with certified financial planners.
    * Guidance Resources Online includes 24/7 access to articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows and on-demand training.

    Here when you need us.
    Call: 800.272.7255
    TDD: 800.697.0353
    Online: https://www.guidanceresources.com
    Mobile App: GuidanceResources Now
    Web ID: COM589

    You may also speak with a Galena Park I.S.D. representative
    Curby C. Rogers-Mitchell, LPC                                                            Holli L. Sherrard

    Licensed Mental Health and Support Specialist                                Director for Employee Benefits
    ccrogers@galenaparkisd.com                                                              hsherrard@galenaparkisd.com
    832-386-1319                                                                                          832-386-1507

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