• Fund

    School district accounting systems are organized and operated on a fund basis, designating the fund's financial resources for a distinct purpose. A fund's purpose can be established by the state or federal government as well as by the school district, and describes both the source of revenues and nature of expenditures.

    There are three major budgets the Board of Trustees must adopt annually:

    General Operating Fund (199)
    Primary revenue sources include local property tax collections and state aid via the Foundation School Program. Expenditure transactions are the regular and normal operating costs of a school district, including payroll, various contracted services, supplies and materials, capital outlay needs, and other miscellaneous operating costs.

    Debt Service Fund (599)
    Primary revenue source is local property tax collections, and expenditures are limited to the repayment of voter approved bond debt; principal, interest and associated fees.

    Food Service Fund (240)
    Federal revenues from the U.S Department of Agriculture under the National School Lunch Program and National School Breakfast Programs largely fund the Food Service Program, with additional revenue received locally from charges to users. These funds are used to operate the Food Service program, which provides nutritionally balances, low-cost or free lunched to children each school day.

    Additional funds are used for various programs throughout the district. The categories are briefly described below.

    Special Revenue -Federally Funded (200-289)
    Each federal fund has a number assigned in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

    Special Revenue - State Funded (380-429)
    Various state funded allocations other than the Foundation School Program.

    Special Revenue - Local Funded (460-499)
    This group of funds includes funds raised for Campus Activity (461) as well as other funds granted from local sources.

    Capital Projects Fund (600-699)
    Governmental funds used to account for projects financed by the proceeds from bond issues, or other capital projects otherwise mandated to be accounted for in the fund.

    Internal Service Funds (750-799)
    The financing of goods or services provided by one organizational unit of the school district to other organizational units on a cost reimbursement basis. The District operates a print-shop using Internal Service Funds.

    Agency Funds (860-899)
    These are funds the district manages, but considered property of the students or organization controlling the funds. These funds should not own assets. Student Activity Funds and Booster Clubs are considered Agency Funds.