• Function

    A Function represents a general operational area in a school district, and groups together related activities. The budgets adopted by the Board are done so at the Function level; changes at this level must be approved by the Board.

    Instruction (11)
    Activities that deal with direct interaction between teachers and students

    Instructional Resources (12)
    Library and resource center needs

    Curriculum & Instructional Staff Development (13)
    Instructional staff planning, and professional development of instructors.

    Instructional Leadership (21)
    Activities related to managing, directing, supervising and providing leadership for instructional staff.

    School Leadership (23)
    Activities related to managing a school campus, including supervisory and evaluation duties preformed by the Principal, Assistant Principals and their office staff.

    Guidance & Counseling Services (31)
    Activities used to assess and test students abilities, aptitudes and interest; counseling students with respect to career and educational opportunities.

    Social Work Services (32)
    Expenses directly related to investigating/diagnosing student social needs rising from home, school, or community, interpreting social needs of students and promoting modifications beneficial to the student's needs.

    Health Services (33)
    Expenses used for providing physical health services to students; nurses and related duties.

    Student Transportation (34)
    Expenses incurred for transporting students to and from school.

    Food Services (35)
    Operational costs of the Food Service department, including food, labor, and other necessary costs.

    Extracurricular Activities (36)
    School-sponsored activities outside of the school day. Activities provide students with motivational and enjoyable experiences and tie improvement of skills in either a competitive or noncompetitive setting. Examples include, but are not limited to: athletic activities, drill team, cheerleading/pep squad, fine arts, University Interscholastic League (UIL) competitions, and Future Farmers of America (FFA).

    General Administration (41)
    Transactions and activities that are for the purpose of governing a district as an overall entity. This includes the Superintendent, human resources, accounting/budget/payroll, legal and risk management responsibilities.

    Facilities Maintenance & Operation (51)
    Transactions and activities to keep the facilities and grounds open, clean, comfortable, and in working condition. This includes Custodial Services, Maintenance & Grounds Services, and utilities contracts.

    Security & Monitoring Services (52)
    Expenditures for activities used to keep student and staff surroundings safe.

    Data Processing Services (53)
    Expenses for data processing services, including Skyward and DocuNav.

    Community Services (61)
    Expenses for activities that are other than regular public education. Generally these are activities relating to the whole community or some segment of the community. Costs include, but are not limited to, parental involvement programs, child care, amnesty services, and public health programs.

    Debt Services (71)
    Expenses for the payment of bonds, capital leases, other debt, and related fees.

    Facilities Acquisition & Construction (81)
    Expenses for acquiring, equipping, and/or making additions to real property and sites.