STEM Summer Camps

    STEM Summer Camps This summer students had the opportunity to attend a variety of STEM related camps. The summer camps included math clubs, origami, forensic science, future doctors and cryptography. Some camps had integrated STEM activities including robotics, computer coding, calculator coding and photography and video software.

    Students in calculator coding create a lego figure and then describe the steps needed for someone else to build the figure. Having a sequence of precise instructions is the first step in creating code. 

    Origami camp participants realize that precision is key when engineering their creations. Students raced paper airplanes and jumping frogs then created works of art with their geometric creations.

    WAMS Summer Camp Creative Coding summer camp at WAMS:
    Students in grades 2nd-4th enjoyed hands-on activities that included: creating a city for the ozobots; using various items such as carrots, celery, playdough, and bananas to play the piano on the computer via makey-makey; create, dance and problem solve puzzles using the ozobots in conjunction with the iPads; and code. 


    SAM Summer Camp Photo/Video summer camp at SAM:
    Students in grades 2nd – 4th enjoyed learning how to take “the best” selfies and manipulating digital photography.  They also used a green screen to film and make short videos.  Awesome week!