Adaptive Physical Education (APE) is a part of the comprehensive program offered through special education services. In keeping with the district philosophy, the Adaptive Physical Education Program strives to provide each student with an opportunity to develop skills and understanding through a variety of exercise, sport, and leisure activities that will serve them throughout their life.

    Goals of the Adaptive Physical Education Program:

    • To allow students with disabilities an opportunity to be successful in a physical education setting unique to their individual needs.
    • To provide students with disabilities with alternative physical education activities adapted to their unique abilities, interests, and cognitive styles.
    • To cooperatively work with mainstream education in planning physical education programs and supervising integrated activities.
    • To evaluate equipment, materials, and curriculum so as to appropriately plan individualized or group programs for students with disabilities.
    • To develop fitness skills in students with disabilities that will serve them throughout the life span.
    • To provide consultation services to physical education teachers in general education classes who are working with individualized programming for students with disabilities.

    For more information about Adaptive Physical Education, please contact:
    Amber Dunahoo